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Over the years Stephen has shot over 100 commercials with motion capture, performance capture, motion control and real time previs aspects to them.


This Kellogs commercial ( shown left ) was produced in the early 90's.


Not groundbreaking by today's standards, but is widely claimed to be the first mocap ever done in the UK.



at Jim Henson's Creature Shop



as Head of VFX for the Jim Henson Creature Shop, Stephen and his team were often encouraged to use digital puppetry performances.


Several productions at Henson's combined a variety of disciplines  including MOCAP, Performance Capture and Puppeteering.




Are we there yet

as VFX Supervisor


Working closely with Director Brian Levant, Jim Henson's Creature Shop created a bobble-head doll of legendary baseball player Satchel Paige.


 Movements of the bobble head were performed with the use of HDPS.

Frances The Badger


as VFX Supervisor


This original  show f0r PBS Kids Sprout show used the Henson Digital Performance System, which allowed puppeteers to control computer generated characters in real-time.



  •  6 x 15 minute episodes

  • up to 5 Mocap characters Mocap and performance capture characters on screen at any one time

  • "real" camera capture rig 

  • 15 sets



as VFX Supervisor and 

Performance/Animation Director


To complete the series on time I had to use every trick in the book.  So Mocap was the solution to get the on screen time up and still maintain the characters' slapstick



  • 70 mins of Mocap

  • Characters – apx 30 hero

VEROS DIGITAL - penalty Shoot Out


as Creative Director

Online and Streaming Broadcast Games



  • 7 hours of content

  • 31,000 possible Character interactions

  • Streaming every 10 mins



Unique Trainer


as VFX Supervisor


Unique Trainer is a learning AI App, which acts as your personal trainer.


Stephen shot over 15 hours of mocaped exercise & yoga material for this.


The App streams the mocap data live on an iphone/pad to a simple realtime display. This allows the user to orbit the camera around the action.


The app will have over 1400 motion components.


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