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Jinsy season 1 & 2

Director: Matt Lipsey

Creators: Justin Chubb and Chris Bran

Positionas VFX Supervisor - shoot/post 




Stephen was the post vfx supervisor for season one and the overall vfx supervisor for season two.


This Is Jinsy was the first large-scale VFX project of its kind that the Sky Creative team had undertaken, and due to the nature and sheer size of the project, a new infrastructure had to be put in place to handle both shot capacity and workflow.


All of the backgrounds for both seasons had to be bespoke, using a wealth of material that was shot especially on the island of Guernsey.


The overall challenges were both creative and technical.

The green-screen shoot for season one covered many lighting scenarios and several environmental conditions, all shot within the confines of the same studio.

Season two utilised a rear projection system to reduce the shot count by approximately forty per cent, dramitically reducing the vfx budget also.

Season 1 VFX Stats:

  • 2300 shots

  • supervision of post only

  • 6 artists, 7 months


Season 2 VFX Stats:

  • just over 1300 shots

  • supervision of both shoot and post

  • 6 artists , nearly 6 months and a tiny budget

below are some ungraded frames from series 2...

Background Replacement

Before / After









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