VFX Supervisor Stephen Coren is a unique talent, with over 25 years in the industry. He combines years of practical on set experience with an extensive technical understanding of VFX allowing him to produce flawless visuals for a wide variety of film, television and new media.


In the mid 90’s Stephen set up and ran a successful advertising based VFX facility working on hundreds of bluechip commercials.

His strong technical background gleaned as a senior TD for Framestore, Weta Digital and as Head of 3D at Jim Henson's Creature Shop, coupled with a great design sense affords him the ability to find creative solutions from concept through to composite. 


Not only does Stephen bring a wealth of talent and experience, he is also pragmatic and can drive projects forward gaining the best possible results. 

He understands how post facilities work and he knows where to go to obtain the best visual effects for the brief within the realms of the budget.


As a VFX Supervisor Stephen has earned an RTS Win for Headcases, and both Emmy and Broadcast nominations for the TV series Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking.


His recent credits include Hummingbird (Lionsgate/Shoebox Films), This is Jinsy 1 & 2 (Sky Atlantic), Broken (BBC Film) Dinosaur Revolution (Discovery Channel).



"My objectives...

to work on technically challenging, visually compelling projects.

I care deeply about the narrative of a project and strive to achieve the vision of its storytelling team."

Recent Testimonials:



'Stephen was drafted in at the last moment on a fairly complicated action shoot. His ability to listen, assess and creatively address the director's vision with vfx solutions was invaluable both for the budget and also for increasing production value.

Stephen is simply indefatigable, a zen of no-nonsense, can-do attitude. I look forward to working with him again, sooner rather than later.'

Roopinder Sood
Production Manager - Nenokkadine



'Stephen is a must on-set. Calm, professional, with boundless energy and enthusiasm.
Work with Stephen once and you won't want to work without him again.

Giulia Salvadori
Line Producer - Nenokkadine



'Stef Coren was our VFX Supervisor on both series of THIS IS JINSY.  

Without him, I can honestly say that we would never have got it done.  He brought his experience of working for Peter Jackson to our low budget show, but never skimped on the detail, quality or creativity.  It was extremely challenging work, but his deep well of patience and his desire to give the director and lead talent what they wanted came through in the end.  

The results speak for themselves. It is largely thanks to him that we got the look, tone and feel we were aiming for with the VFX, and now have two series of which we are extremely proud.'  

James Dean
Producer, This Is Jinsy

Welded Tandem Picture Company


'I've had the pleasure of working with Stephen both as a facility based VFX Supervisor and later as my client on many occasions.

Stephen draws from his broad experience in his days as a talented CG artist to design and implement visual effects to best utilise any budget, providing productions with the best on screen visuals to tell their story.

He's always full of ideas and he's one of nicest and calmest guys you could wish to meet!'

Nick Drew

MD & Executive Producer

Milk Visual Effects

'We worked with Stephen Coren on HUMMINGBIRD.

He has a fantastic creative eye and is extremely detail orientated, making him a well rounded VFX Supervisor.

Our whole team loved working with Stephen and his organisation skills made the job run smoothly and efficiently. He was a pleasure to work with!'

Helen Hugues

Head of Production



'We worked with Stephen Coren as Visual Effects Supervisor on the second series of THIS IS JINSY for Sky Atlantic (TX early 2014 - date tbc)

Stephen was a joy from start to finish, consistently bringing creative solutions to a challenging show which makes ambitious demands of its relatively modest budget.

He was an inspirational and good-humoured leader of a dedicated VFX team.  We look forward to working with him again.'

Margot Gavan Duffy (Producer)

Philippa Catt (Head of Production, Comedy and Entertainment)

Tiger Aspect Productions



'Stephen Coren and I worked together on a project for Jim Henson's Creatiure shop in 2005. Stephen's professionalism, humour, dedication and exceptional technical ability made the process one of the most enjoyable of my career, so far.
When I needed an Executive Producer, VFX at BSkyB in 2008, he was the only person on my list. We worked through a challenging set up for This is Jinsy and the mine-field that is broadcast television.

Stephen makes VFX simple, efficient and enjoyable. He sees issues before they happen, enourages collaboration and involves everyone in the process. Stephen is confident in making decisions and totally knows what will work and what won't.
I would work with him again in a heartbeat - just need to dream up another job for us both.'

Sarah Cloutier
Client Services Director
Invisible Artists Sydney


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