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ghost machince

DirectorChris Hartwill

Position:  as post VFX Supervisor 



325 shots consisting of clean ups, additional VFX elements, and monitor replacements, the contents of which had to go through a re-design phase.


All of these shots had to be completed within an eight week post period.


The immense and challenging brief from both Generator and Film Finances was to bring all of these sequences to a consistent quality within the remaining vfx budget and deliver on time.

Shows VFX Stats:

  • 30 photorealistic cg chain additions

  • 100 monitor replacements all with bespoke animated graphics

  • 100 environmental clean-ups and other augmentation

  • 20 digital enviro decomposition shots

  • 35 greenscreen replacement (with a variety of digitally and previously shot backgrounds)

  • 40 “in game” effects (pov and virtual world)


See pictures below...

Enter the Game

Game Over

Full CG Chain

Ghost control

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