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Director: Matt Holt, Henry Naylor and Saurabh Kakkar

Positionas VFX Supervisor,  Animation Director, Mocap Supervisor



Stephen was the overall VFX supervisor for this highly collaborative series.


The challenge was to create animated sketches for nineteen minutes per episode, along with a further three minutes of topical content.


This topical content all had to created within three days of the tx date.


To increase the number of minutes Stephen utilised a mixture of motion capture and keyframe animation.


Red Vision created a pipeline that progressed from Director led thumbnail sketch phase through to multi-camera blocking stage and then on towards final animation and render.

A further ‘golden rule’ challenge was to try and reuse ten to fifteen per cent of motion capture footage overall.



Season 1 VFX Stats:


  • 8 Episodes of 22 mins per epi 

  • Characters – 104 (60 hero, 44 extra)

  • Sets – 52 (manchester), 10 (london)

  • Props – 108 (Manchester), 9 (London)

  • 2D content – 227 shots

  • crowd shots – 68 ( bespoke ) , 28 reuse

  • 70 mins of performance /motion  capture

below are some final frames ...

Have a look  at the episode on youtube ...


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8


links and stills

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