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Director:  Steven Knight

Producers: Guy Healy and Paul Webster

Position: as On-set and Post VFX Supervisor



Stephen supervised all of the London based on-set requirements as well as the 196 shot multi-vendor visual effects during post.


Director Steven Knight’s original vision for the film's major vfx sequence was that a drunk Joey (Jason Statham) wakes from a nightmare to a hallucination of a swarming flock of hummingbirds.


The original previs for this came to 20 shots.

The challenge was to fit this vision into the budget and still tell the story, eventually resulting in a streamlined version.

Shows VFX stats:

  • 5 cg photorealistic hummingbird swarm shots

  • 45 cg-heavy photorealistic rooftop sequence shots  

  • environmental greenscreen Canary Wharf replacements

  • 140 clean-ups, augmentations and set replacements.

    • These were completed after picture lock over a three week period using five vendors.


See pictures below...

Joey's Dream


Joey's Dream






Background replace:

sadly this didn't happen in the end

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